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About This Class

This workshop could change your life! You know me as a fitness professional. But that's now. Before that, I struggled for decades with my weight, and although I tried I just couldn't stick with exercise. And every year, I just kept gaining more and more weight...and suffering the physical and emotional consequences of that.

One day all of that changed for me, thanks to some simple but key things I did differently this time around. This time, I was able to stick with it -- and went on to lose the weight and keep it off! And I did it through power walking. 

In this workshop, I'll reveal the way I walked off the weight over age 40, and how YOU can, too! I'll give you some very important strategies for success.

You'll learn a lot, including:

  • The most important thing you can do to succeed this time around -- even if you've failed at exercise a hundred times before
  • Sneaky reasons why you might not be losing weight -- and how to fix it
  • My special walking technique that FIRES UP your metabolism and burns twice the calories
  • How to find the time to exercise, even if you're really busy

I can't wait to share my tips and tricks with you! You, too, can walk off the weight and live the healthier life you want and deserve.


Walking stretches and foot roller how-to video


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