NEW! Daily 10-Minute Express Workout

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About This Class

Welcome to Your Daily 10! These are 10-minute full-body "express" routines. It is an all-standing workout that uses a set of dumbbells (optional) and includes light cardio; strength for arms, chest, shoulders, abs, hips, buns and legs; and stretching/flexibility.

Plus, It's a different workout each day! There are 7 classes - one for each day of the week. Each day's exercises and music are different, but all follow this format: Warm up 2 minutes, Strength work 6 minutes, Flexibility/stretching 2 minutes.

The goal of Daily 10 is to help you get in the habit of exercising each day. Together, let's commit to exercising 10 minutes a day this week!

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Expertly created and led by Michelle Rogers, CPT, REACHABLE Fitness™ classes are designed to be gentle, safe and effective to help you feel and look great. It's time to live your best life now!