I'm so proud of those I've been able to assist in "living their best life now!"

What senior fitness class participants say...

"You have inspired me to be the best person I can be: physically and mentally. I feel so much better after your class even on days I didn't want to attend. You've given us so much good advice and tips." - Janet, 73

"Your class has helped me by giving me energy and motivation to exercise. I look forward to walking and dancing." - Anita, 70

"Your class is wonderful! Thanks! I especially enjoy the great variety you add to the various exercises. Your choice of music makes it fun. I look forward to coming to the class. I feel energized after the class." - Mary, 75

"You have helped me MOVE in my retirement! Not only move, but I love the wind-down music and movements probably the most. At times, that part of the class is almost spiritual. I appreciate all the time and effort you bring to planning your classes." - Louise, 65

"Love this class, all the music you use during the class. It is so much fun. I know you put a lot of your time in all you do." - Betty, 67

"Your class has helped my stamina and energy. Your exercises are not too overbearing for my age. I like the variety of moves you teach." - Jerry, 81

"It keeps me moving for at least a short time each week. It is interesting and enjoyable. It is good for me!" - Gladys, 78

"Your class has helped me maintain a healthy weight to lower A1C. As a retiree, the class has helped me mentally and physically." - Betsy, 66

"I truly enjoy your classes. You always make our classes fun to exercise." - Kay, 69

"Feels good to start the day with exercise. You are patient and creative with the routines." - Patsy, 67

"I have enjoyed your class this year. Good workout each week. Enjoy trying out new exercises each week. Have fun in your classes - you are so upbeat!" - Sarah, 71

"You have a great attitude which is great for us. You are an encourager. Therefore, it is fun to come to your class. Your exercise choices are always healthy." - Debbie, 70

"Enjoy the dance routines. The stretches have improved my flexibility. Good for reducing stress. You are a great motivator!" - Doris, 65

"It is a great way to start the day - I feel limbered up and energized. Really appreciate your excellent instructions and cheerful attitude. Thanks so much! - Shelly, 65

"You have helped with my energy and help me to keep a positive outlook. Thank you so very much!" - Alice, 65

"Herb and I enjoy your class. We look forward to classes. Thanks for caring and inspiring within us the need to take care of ourselves through eating right and exercising" - Anita

"I cannot even begin to say how the class has helped me physically and mentally." - Glenda

"Look forward to this class every week. Thanks Michelle for your commitment and all you do to make it fun." - Debbie

What arthritis exercise class participants say...

"This class helps my range of motion in my shoulders, a big problem for me. But it doesn't over-do me. The class respects my limits and what I can do. It's just challenging enough, just the right amount for a 70-year-old. I can sleep better now, with less pain in my neck and shoulders. And it's fun! This class keeps you on track." - Doris

"When you move your muscles, you get relief and it helps you be more limber and active. I've really enjoyed it. I feel like it's bringing me back alive again!" - Geraldine

"It got me back into working my neck and upper body where I have problems. It's easier to do this with a class than alone. The cardio has helped my coordination, and has helped loosen up my hips. I also like that the workout is 'adjustable' for what's good for you." - Annie

"I am four months out of knee replacement, and this class has helped my balance and flexibility. It's done a lot for my mobility. It's made a big difference. I truly enjoy it, because I won't do it on my own!" - Rosa

"I have arthritis in my leg, but I liked that you covered the full body. I also liked the pace, that you can go at your own pace and do what feels good." - Betsy

"I have arthritis real bad, especially in my left arm. The exercises helped a lot. I like how you kept the class going -- it went by fast!" - Yancey

"I enjoyed everything about this class. It helped my neck, I haven't had to go to urgent care in a while. My body is full of arthritis. And it gives me something to do. And my knee and leg feel better too. I loved the cardio the best. I really enjoyed it!" - Gwen

"I wasn't sure how I'd do. But you made it so fun and easy."

"I have osteoarthritis. The doctor gave me exercises to do at home, but I was just doing arms and legs. I wasn't doing leaning and bending until this class. Now I am also walking three times a week. I would recommend this class to anyone." - Calvin

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